Using Facebook

Facebook is the most commonly used social network in the world.  Many students, alumni, professors, departments, colleges, etc. are using Facebook to connect with one another and their community.  The platform is easily accessible and is probably already being used by many of the people you look forward to interacting with. 

If you create a page related to your work on campus at UNC Charlotte, use ‘UNC Charlotte’ in the title.  It will make it easier for users to find your page.

Facebook has Pages and Groups for organizations, departments, etc.

  • Pages are used to communicate with and engage the public.
  • Groups are used more as a forum in which small groups of people post around a common topic.  These can be kept private.  

If you don’t see your page listed on MediaMine, submit it to us here.

Here are a couple of links you should review before getting started on Facebook: