Social Media Sites

This is a list of social media sites managed by various units at UNC Charlotte.

The primary University social media sites are as follows:

Title Platform Area Blog External
AIAS UNC Charlotte Blog Groups and Organizations
Anthropologist in the Stacks - Atkins Library Blog Department
Anthropomics - The Science of Anthropology Blog Department
Auxiliary Services Blog Business Unit
Belk College MBA Blog Department
Catherine Qualtrough Blog Faculty
Center for Teaching & Learning Blog Department
Charlotte Viewpoint Blog Faculty
CLT Blog Blog External
clt49erarchive Blog Groups and Organizations
Collegiate Recovery Community Blog Blog Business Unit
Crossroads Charlotte Blog Groups and Organizations
CTI - Charlotte Teachers Institute Blog External
Dancing Our Way from UNC Charlotte to NYC Blog Groups and Organizations
Digital People: The Blog Blog Faculty
Dr. Anita Blanchard Blog Faculty
Fulbright Scholar in Chennai, India - Vivianin Chennai Blog Faculty
Green Tinted Glasses - A Charlotte 49ers Fan Blog Blog External
Highly Allochthonous Blog Faculty
Humanities and Technology Blog Faculty
Imperial Gesture 2013 Blog Faculty
It's Her Factory Blog Faculty
James A. Grymes Blog Faculty
Japanese Studies Blog Department